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2003/12/26 Socio-economic Factors Likely to Impact On Certain Ethnic/Racial Groups
Socio-economic Factors Likely to Impact Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome Disparities for Certain Ethnic/Racial Groups Women from certain racial and ethnic sub-groups within the United States show significant differences when it comes to diagnosis, treatment and outcome of breast cance

2003/12/01 Treatment Options for Node-Negative Disease
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, December 2002, Abstract #16 Fisher B, et al. Until the late 1980s, women with invasive breast cancer that was node-negative—meaning no cancer cells were found in the lymph nodes—were often given only local treatment (targeted to a specific area of the body). Th

2003/02/28 Breast Cancer Treatment Options
In the past, when breast cancer patients learned that their disease had metastasized, it seemed to be little more than a death sentence. Today, however, new therapies are causing a great deal of excitement among oncologists and patients alike. "Many treatments today can give patients a better and

2003/02/01 Reves International Breast Cancer Symposium Scheduled for February
Registration for the Reves International Breast Cancer Symposium, February 8, 2003 at the Wyndham Arlington Hotel is full. On-site registration will not be available. Please contact the Komen Foundation at 1-866-566-3648 (toll-free) if you have additional questions. The Wendy and Emery Reves Intern

2003/01/15 Mammography Improves Early Detection Rates for Women in Their 40s
Buseman S, et al. Cancer, January 15, 2003 Background and importance of the study: The ongoing debate over whether mammograms save lives is very difficult to resolve. So many different studies have been done on the subject, each with a different design and different results. Yet this is such an i

2003/01/09 No Link Found Between Breast Cancer Risk and Eating Meat, Fish, or Eggs
Holmes DH, et al. International Journal of Cancer, January 9, 2003 Background and importance of the study: The risk of developing breast cancer is very different from country to country. So are people's diets. This is one reason researchers have long suspected that diet may affect breast cancer ri

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