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survivingandthrivingUser is Offline


07/30/2009 4:10 AM  
I am a two-year breast cancer survivor and doctoral psychology student who is conducting research into the phenomenon of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). PTG refers to the positive psychological change one might experience as a result of the struggle to find meaning in response to a significant life crisis. I am seeking other breast cancer survivors who are within two years of their last treatment (i.e. surgery and/or chemo, radiation) to complete a survey about their experiences. If you fit the criteria and would like to participate please copy and paste the following link: Thanks so much in advance for your interest and contribution.
Gerard DugdillUser is Offline


10/05/2013 2:19 PM  
Hi there, this seems like a really interesting piece of research, how did it go?

How can we struggle to find meaning in such a situation? How can we find meaning?

I hope you got a good response. I don't think the link works any more.

Good luck.


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